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The Shops at Target:Fall Edition

As you all very well know, I am a huge fan of small business’, boutique’s in particular. I just love how no matter what is being sold, each of these small brick and mortar’s have a unique style to call their own. The shops at Target pay homage to just that. It makes me happy that a retail giant like Target can realize the uniqueness of these special shops and give them a chance at making a big stamp on the world. It is a great thing when a small business that wants to remain small has a window to make lot’s of money. In the end it helps all small shops everywhere because of how they are portrayed. If people go to Target and see a unique boutique pop-up, they will have more excitement over actual brick and mortar shops on main st. After the first round of shops were a huge success, I expected nothing but greatness from the second. A group of carefully selected boutiques that could hold their own in the big store. Here they are…

Each of these shops are probably a great treasure in their own respect, so what I am about to say is all based on my own personal in store experience on opening day. Being a fashion forward guy, I headed straight to the mens section of the store. I normally buy cheap t-shirts from Target and don’t really give any of the other styles the time of day. It’s just not a place that I feel you can get really in to finding a great outfit. The shop for ODIN, New York had been set up on a single shelf, front and back. To get a bit off subject, though I do pay much respect for Target in the initial idea for the shops, you can really tell that the retail giant hadn’t lost its corporate roots. Being that they more than likely sat down and discussed, down to the centimeter, how much floor space they would give for each different shop. Turns out, not very much. ODIN stuffed 4 or 5 different fall dress shirts, sweaters, scarfs, and pants, in to what was maybe a 5 foot wide shelving unit. With the exception of a scarf and a sweater, none of these styles really made me jump, though I could totally see some people making them look great. Just not me. My second stop was near the interior decor, at PATCH NYC. I really have to visit PATCH when I visit NYC (if that dream ever comes true)! A few really great plates and serving platters made me jump for joy. Though I do have to give it to Target, the aisle the PATCH end-cap was on had its own Target designed set of excitement. Lamps, plates and pillows, all top-notch, in a way I do believe that took away from some of the greatness that PATCH had to offer. My last stop was at the shop I had been most excited about, the Curiosity Shoppe. My favorite kind of main street shop is one that carries all kinds of things. Kitchen, bath, decor, fun odds and ends, that is what I love. So when I saw the fun array of stuff that the Curiosity Shoppe had to offer I was excited to say the least. Though the kitchen selection was not really my cup of tea, (no really, I didn’t care for the tea cups) I could totally see someone with the right style buying up the whole set. I did however enjoy the heck out of a smaller end cap located just down the way near the stationary. Toys, notebooks, reading lamps, all sorts of vintage inspired goodies that I could really appreciate. To these shops I say congrats. you guys made A lasting impression on a guy who lives in North Carolina and I will be visiting you soon. To Target I have a bone to pick. If it were me I would have given the shops a proper celebration. A “real” pop-up in the center of the store. I could just see it right when customers walk through those power sliding doors, being welcomed to a mock boutique straight off the streets, plopped right in the middle of select target stores.. it could have been great! Though I guess you don’t make billions by inviting the little guy in and making them appear better, but I just feel these unique shops deserved a better shot. An end-cap is a bit underwhelming. And while were on the subject, an end-cap stuffed to the gills would have been better than the sad amount of product made me wonder if I was too early, maybe they were still setting them up? No. I encourage all of you to stop in the shops and judge for yourselves, and at the very least give these great shops some support in the real world! Here’s a better look at the kinds of greatness the shops have to offer!

Kirna Zabete for Target

I just have to get to San Fran soon. Too much greatness!

ODIN NYC for Target

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What I’m Wearing

This has been a pretty crazy week. I have been hired to produce a show at the high school I graduated from. With that comes lot’s of stress and time. The show is tonight and I am so excited for it to be over! Not much time to talk as I have to go make some finishing touches to the stage for tonight. Very excited to ride to North to my NC home for the weekend! I could really use a hike and a nice stream to relax by! I will say, yesterday, last night really was amazing! Got together with my friend shannon and ate some tacos, and had some delicious margaritas! My outfit worked out really well yesterday so photos were a must!

Shirt:Salt Valley button up/UO

Shorts: The Webster for Target Mango Berry Short

Shoes: Anchor Boat Shoe/UO

Ray Ban New Wayfarer

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Wu wows. This is fashion

Yesterday, up and comer, turned new designer of the century, Jason Wu debuted his affordable collection for Target. Filled with modern colors, vintage nods, and just plain exciting fashion, the collection features his signature styles for women and a selection of accessories such as scarves and handbags. Wu is most commonly known for his designs for first lady Michelle Obama, but has quickly become a household name. Good luck getting your hands on this collection anytime soon though. Sources say that in it’s big launch online and in store yesterday “fashion vultures” swarmed the stores to swoop up the goods before others had the chance. According to other sources the collection will be replenished in the online store but the brick and mortar stores will not be. You can now find the collection on ebay from private sellers. Fair or not you are sure to see these styles on the streets soon, as shoppers are stopping at nothing to get in on the high fashion collection. Prices range from $19.99 to $59.99 while accessories will most likely be $19.99 to $49.99.

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THE SHOPS at Target

And now for some very exciting news from one small business lover to you.. Target introduces “The Shops”. In a race for big box discount stores to set themselves apart, the retailer has decided to take a leap of faith into the world of pop-up shops. Items from boutiques such as Boston’s Polka Dog Bakery, Miami’s The Webster and my personal favorite store, San Francisco’s The Candy Store will be priced from $1 to $160 and be sold in Target and on its website for six weeks starting in early May. A new collection will then be sold in the fall. The first round of trendy retailers all hail from the US but Target hasn’t ruled out any international partnerships. Target is also teaming up with Apple, inc. to put the popular Apple store inside 25 Target stores. At the Privet House stores, glasses might sell for $15 or more, at Target, cups in the Privet House collection for Target will be priced at $3.49 and $3.99. I am so excited to see this first round of shops open and cannot wait to see what the next round will look like. Target has always been my favorite, but they continue to prove themselves as America’s favorite. Check out my long time candy store crush, “The Candy Store” as well as the other great shops at a Target store near you very soon!

the candy store in San Francisco

polka dog bakery in Boston

PRIVET HOUSE  Warren, Conneticut

The Webster Miami

COS BAR Charleston