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A few things |from Pinterest| that make me whole

Since the grand introduction of Pinterestfinding inspiration in the form of photos and links is easier than ever. I decided to share a few of my favorite recent pins with you all, my awesome readers. If you haven’t stumbled across my ramblings by accident, you have come here to find something interesting and maybe even my opinion. I encourage you to follow my boards on pinterest.

Disclaimer: I only pin awesome stuff.. it’s true.. you won’t find any of my boards obnoxious or annoying like some of those other pinners. So if you’re in to being awesome, and I think you are, you’ll check it out for yourself!

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For a while now I have been combing through the web finding the most amazing companies started by people with style and creativity. From packaging to logo’s, these bold start-up’s are changing the way we look at fashion. FORAGE is no exception. A simple concept, the classic bow-tie, with exquisite fabrics chosen by two of the trendiest owners I have seen so far. Shauna & Stephen, the gorgeous couple that started FORAGE, are from what I can tell, two of the most creatively inclined people ever to create a bow tie. Why FORAGE for a bow tie company name you ask? Well of course because the thrill of finding the perfect fabric is awe-inspiring.  Not only are they expert tie makers, they know their way around a vintage letterpress, making cards, and even the classically vintage packaging for FORAGE bow ties.  Just take a peek at “hiding in here” on Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr & you will discover for yourself that these two have conquered what style is all about. I got a sneak by following Shauna on Instagram, at the newest collection of not so ordinary neck ties, and a new vintage gift collection in the works. For the FORAGE studio they transformed an old tire factory in Philadelphia, filled it with restored antique furniture and vintage trinkets to make the trendiest work place I’ve seen. Don’t let me decide for you! Head on over to the FORAGE blog something’s hiding in here & check out the greatness that is FORAGE bow ties!