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A Welcome Back & Dapper Babies

I have to apologize for my disappearance over the last few months. While I can’t say I have had too much going on to give you my take on things lately, I have just not been feeling it. The photography biz has been severely slow and among other stressful things to deal with, blogging has sadly gone by the wayside. Attached to this blog is my personal style. When I shop for new things for the seasons it inspires me to write about other peoples style, as well as things happening with trends. I have to think that everyone goes through times like this, but for me, not having the money to shop has stunted my inspiration! Alas, I have a solution! I will be traveling to my home in Florida for the next few weeks, and I plan on bringing an element to this blog I have never explored before. Thrifting! While I have found it to be a bit harder for guys to thrift and still stay on trend, fall & winter may be the perfect time to do a bit of research. With the recurrence of past trends, and coats galore, I think the thrift store is the perfect place for the trendy photographer to get lost in!

In the meantime here is a buffer post. A happy sort of “I’m Sorry” post to make you smile! Babies that are more dapper than I could ever dream of! Famous baby Mason Dash Disick included! Enjoy! 🙂


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Inspiration lull & a fall preview

You guys rock! After a few weeks in a true inspiration hole in the ground, I am back in action and feeling very motivated. It’s one of those cause and affect kinds of things… blogs are something that keep me inspired and feeling creative. When I don’t follow my normal routine, I fall in to a deep sad lull. It’s a real problem. I’m back now with a fall preview like no other. I think another thing that keeps me inspired is cold weather. Ok, I am from Florida, so I cannot say no to a steamy beach, but there’s something about the cooler weather, and style of fall that just makes me want to jump for joy! So let’s get in the spirit of preparing our closets for the festive fall weather, (a few months early) just for fun! As you may know by now, Urban Outfitters and J. Crew are among my favorite places on earth. Here’s a look at what J. Crew presented for fall fashion preview…

What can we do with all of this enticing fall inspiration? Spring trends this year taught us to pour color over our entire wardrobe, and fall has something similar in store. For my favorite fall trend, color will be added.. but only in small doses. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see a guy in bright blue pants, and an equally glowy shirt for fall. It’s about darks, denim, and earthy tones. But this year, add those pops of color in your accessories. A nice colorful jacket over your dark sweater, a bright sock underneath a darker shoe, or a punchy scarf over layers. It’s all very easy, and personally, being a huge fan of the new sock craze, will give me a reason to load up on colorful fall figured socks! Whatever trend you decide to follow this fall, may the next 2 months flash before our eyes, and welcome us all to a brand new holiday season!

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OK! So you’re not a yellow chino’s guy, no big deal. A POC will do the trick! Pop Of Color is a phrase coined by celebrity stylist and Bravo TV star Brad Goreski, for his keen sense on adding color to your already established closet. Though Brad himself is more of an all over color guy, he has found the trick to bring your wardrobe out of the dark ages! With a few simple, inexpensive purchases, you can add color to every outfit. SCARF: yea, you probably already have scarves, but bright, solid colors are on trend. Go for a color you can see enhancing your personal style. Red, green, orange, & blue are easy to add to most colors and still keep it masculine. Orange is my favorite! Add and orange scarf or sock to black, or blue and your look will be top notch every time. TIE OR BOWTIE: these are classic, yet trendy ways to add color. Inside tip, add a neon green skinny tie to your navy suit. Neon is the new black this season and you could be the first to rock it. SOCKS: The most subtle of all of the POC’s but it’s the easiest & my personal fave. Socks are inexpensive, easy to buy and so much fun. I recently searched online for colorful socks, and found pages and pages of them. Cheapest buy is of course H&M where I found some awesome colors and designs. SHOES: Yes, I was surprised too! Another developing trend is a color blocked or soled shoe. No, I don’t think these will work with every outfit, but find the right spot for them, and you have a masterpiece! ACCESSORIES: The easiest thing you can do is purchase some colorful sunglasses, pocket square, or even a belt. No excuses fellas, color should be a part of your world this year!

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Color your world!

With spring just around the corner, color is popping up everywhere. This year the tulips wont be the first colors to catch your eye. In trendy shops everywhere as well as national names like Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic, colorful chinos are the poster child for style. Purple, red, blue, and my personal favorite, yellow are the most common colors i’ve seen so far, but I am sure as the trend explodes a wide array of color will be dumped on to these trendy pants. It’s so exciting to see men of style jumping out on a limb to make the statement of color. It’s also exciting to see how easy this look can be to achieve. Being that your pants are going to be the highlight of the look, feel free to throw on a solid dress shoe, grey is my favorite because it can be matched up with virtually every color. Your top can be dressed up with a shirt, tie and jacket or go casual with a graphic tee. Either way, you will look top notch when you step to the streets in this trend.