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A few things |from Pinterest| that make me whole

Since the grand introduction of Pinterestfinding inspiration in the form of photos and links is easier than ever. I decided to share a few of my favorite recent pins with you all, my awesome readers. If you haven’t stumbled across my ramblings by accident, you have come here to find something interesting and maybe even my opinion. I encourage you to follow my boards on pinterest.

Disclaimer: I only pin awesome stuff.. it’s true.. you won’t find any of my boards obnoxious or annoying like some of those other pinners. So if you’re in to being awesome, and I think you are, you’ll check it out for yourself!

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Cool Shoe Scramble

The arrival of Hurricane Sandy, and the blast of downright icy air that has followed has left most of us, style enthused, scrambling to find our winter clothes! Record breaking snowfall and lows across the east coast caused a fury of folks to pull out the bug guns. That’s right, prepared or not, WINTER IS HERE! During my time living in the mountains of the Blue Ridge, I haven’t seen air this cold, this early. Being from sunny Florida, it’s also really amusing to hear FL friends Facebook status’ and tweets crying out for the God’s to take this “freezing” cold elsewhere! While the temps may vary over the coming weeks, the fact is, winter is here to stay, and we had better style ourselves accordingly!

Shoes are one of my favorite things to buy and winter shoes are by far the best. They call for more coverage and with that comes an array of exciting materials like Italian leather’s, rubber, suede, knits, and even denim. Just like with winter clothes, adding layers is the biggest trend of the season. Not only layers of different materials, but also of stitching techniques, colors, and even styles. The goal really, is to find the shoe with the most exciting detail, while staying within the realm of style. Here are a few of my absolute favorites for the season..

Because of my undying love for dark denim, quality Leather, and “slim” style, my first choice for the seasonal shoe is Reid, by HELM handmade. Its unique lines, exquisite attention to detail and top-notch materials is one that cannot be duplicated. This boot features denim panels made from U.S. Cone Mills raw denim from Raleigh Denim in Raleigh, NC and Chromexcel leather from Horween Tannery in Chicago. A Leather sole with infused non-slip rubber, six brass eyelet shaft, roundcap toe, white HELM signature midsole, and Blake Rapid Stitch construction round out this classic boot, which comes in Carolina Brown in sizes 7-12, including half sizes. (killer description from the HELM shop)! Though these boots are on the steepest side of the pricing realm, at $399, they are a purchase that will pay off in full. With a little preventative maintenance, your pair of leather HELM boots can easily last 15 to 20 years… or longer.

Be sure to visit the HELM shop and make your purchase, or at least salivate for a while!

Here is a great example of the many choices you have in winter shoes. Though I could not find the source for this photo, and also the reason my search for a flannel/leather boot continues, this shows the realm from one end to the other. A sneaker that with the right sock, would do just fine in the coldest conditions, and the warmest of boots all the way down the line.

The 3 shoes shown above are great examples of a completely versatile shoe for all-weather. The skinny lace up leather is one that looks slim enough to wear almost anywhere but is still warm enough to wear in the coldest conditions. The last 2 shown are what I would describe as the perfect office winter shoes. They will both go with almost any color, dressed up for the office or, as shown, dressed down for the streets. They are not too heavy, and not too light. While staying on trend with fabrics and buckle, these two are choices that I would have on hand all the time. Bring them along in the suitcase with your heaviest boots, you never know when the winter weather will surprise you, the sun will shine through the snow clouds, and a lighter outfit and shoe will be the perfect choice.

If I have anything at all to sum this post up, it is that while shoes and shirt are required in most places, the choices you make fulfilling that requirement is totally up to you!

I would also like to say that my heart is with all those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the coast, and also in the mountains.

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With all the New Year celebrations over, now is the time for a fresh start. Though the New Year brought excitement and new beginnings, it kicked winter into overdrive for most of the country. Fret not.. The Trendy Photographer has the perfect formula for winter style that will have you dancing all over those snow-covered streets!

First things first.. unless you are headed out for a warm winter in California or Florida, Long-johns are a must. You’ll figure out that if your base layer is thick, you will have more room to dress for style, instead of just warmth.

Now for the fun stuff.. You want to start off your winter look with a good base, a nice pair of fitted jeans and, a sweater will work perfect for when you need to peel off a layer or two indoors.

Now it’s time to pile on the layers. This is where it can get confusing. Remember not to leave style behind in search for warmth. Instead of throwing on that puffy, unflattering coat at this point, simply layer on a cardigan or sweater vest. These are very simple to shed if you get too warm and, are an easy way to add style to your winter wardrobe.

At this point you can feel free to have a little fun with it. A warm scarf or a hat are easy ways to infuse your personal style. Think outside of the box.. style is something that will set you apart. Here are some great examples..

Now, top your look off with a warm coat. Again, I can’t stress enough the fact that your coat should bring your look together. Don’t just throw on some old hoodie. This is where a pea coat, wool, or leather jacket come in. No matter what your personal style is, you can find a stylish coat.

Now for my favorite part.. Shoes. This is where you can use your style and experience to make your own decision. Are you more of a Sneaker guy or are boots your thing? You know what you look best in, and shoes are something that I think should reflect your style, and remain comfortable.

Along with most everything featured today, Jack Threads is where I have had the most success in finding a style for everyone, at a price that is well under MSRP. If you’re into surf brands, high end labels, or anything in between, this website is unbeatable. Best of all, it’s a site made for men. You can also find great accessories, and sometimes even ski gear. Head over to Jack Threads to check out all of todays sales.

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& 1 for good luck!

0. HELM Handmade boots – I have to say, winter would be so sad & dreary without some awesome boots to go with all those warm clothes. Handmade is something that much of the fashion industry has strayed from, but HELM has stuck to the roots of where shoe making began, and in doing so, created a masterpiece company. These boots are so detailed only a person of great creativity could be capable of meshing such style, craftsmanship, and durability. Just glancing at the collection incites a personal riot in choosing which to buy, or at least which to buy first. Designed in Austin, handmade in Istanbul, with leather from Holland and Australia, and soles from Italy and France. I don’t think it’s possible to achieve any greater style.

HELM is the classic male boot reinterpreted – the shoe for the new male footwear connoisseur who will not sacrifice comfort. HELM is the result of, founder, Joshua Bingaman’s lifelong passion for men’s shoes and boots, refined during his years owning and managing the Subterranean Shoe Room in San Francisco, a highly influential and progressive shoe store in the Mission district.

HELM products are the elegant result of design touches from around the globe – designed in Austin, handmade in Istanbul, with leather from Holland and Australia, and soles from Italy and France. Josh sez: “We love these boots. We want you to feel like you’re walking around in art.”