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The Shops at Target:Fall Edition

As you all very well know, I am a huge fan of small business’, boutique’s in particular. I just love how no matter what is being sold, each of these small brick and mortar’s have a unique style to call their own. The shops at Target pay homage to just that. It makes me happy that a retail giant like Target can realize the uniqueness of these special shops and give them a chance at making a big stamp on the world. It is a great thing when a small business that wants to remain small has a window to make lot’s of money. In the end it helps all small shops everywhere because of how they are portrayed. If people go to Target and see a unique boutique pop-up, they will have more excitement over actual brick and mortar shops on main st. After the first round of shops were a huge success, I expected nothing but greatness from the second. A group of carefully selected boutiques that could hold their own in the big store. Here they are…

Each of these shops are probably a great treasure in their own respect, so what I am about to say is all based on my own personal in store experience on opening day. Being a fashion forward guy, I headed straight to the mens section of the store. I normally buy cheap t-shirts from Target and don’t really give any of the other styles the time of day. It’s just not a place that I feel you can get really in to finding a great outfit. The shop for ODIN, New York had been set up on a single shelf, front and back. To get a bit off subject, though I do pay much respect for Target in the initial idea for the shops, you can really tell that the retail giant hadn’t lost its corporate roots. Being that they more than likely sat down and discussed, down to the centimeter, how much floor space they would give for each different shop. Turns out, not very much. ODIN stuffed 4 or 5 different fall dress shirts, sweaters, scarfs, and pants, in to what was maybe a 5 foot wide shelving unit. With the exception of a scarf and a sweater, none of these styles really made me jump, though I could totally see some people making them look great. Just not me. My second stop was near the interior decor, at PATCH NYC. I really have to visit PATCH when I visit NYC (if that dream ever comes true)! A few really great plates and serving platters made me jump for joy. Though I do have to give it to Target, the aisle the PATCH end-cap was on had its own Target designed set of excitement. Lamps, plates and pillows, all top-notch, in a way I do believe that took away from some of the greatness that PATCH had to offer. My last stop was at the shop I had been most excited about, the Curiosity Shoppe. My favorite kind of main street shop is one that carries all kinds of things. Kitchen, bath, decor, fun odds and ends, that is what I love. So when I saw the fun array of stuff that the Curiosity Shoppe had to offer I was excited to say the least. Though the kitchen selection was not really my cup of tea, (no really, I didn’t care for the tea cups) I could totally see someone with the right style buying up the whole set. I did however enjoy the heck out of a smaller end cap located just down the way near the stationary. Toys, notebooks, reading lamps, all sorts of vintage inspired goodies that I could really appreciate. To these shops I say congrats. you guys made A lasting impression on a guy who lives in North Carolina and I will be visiting you soon. To Target I have a bone to pick. If it were me I would have given the shops a proper celebration. A “real” pop-up in the center of the store. I could just see it right when customers walk through those power sliding doors, being welcomed to a mock boutique straight off the streets, plopped right in the middle of select target stores.. it could have been great! Though I guess you don’t make billions by inviting the little guy in and making them appear better, but I just feel these unique shops deserved a better shot. An end-cap is a bit underwhelming. And while were on the subject, an end-cap stuffed to the gills would have been better than the sad amount of product made me wonder if I was too early, maybe they were still setting them up? No. I encourage all of you to stop in the shops and judge for yourselves, and at the very least give these great shops some support in the real world! Here’s a better look at the kinds of greatness the shops have to offer!

Kirna Zabete for Target

I just have to get to San Fran soon. Too much greatness!

ODIN NYC for Target


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Inspiration lull & a fall preview

You guys rock! After a few weeks in a true inspiration hole in the ground, I am back in action and feeling very motivated. It’s one of those cause and affect kinds of things… blogs are something that keep me inspired and feeling creative. When I don’t follow my normal routine, I fall in to a deep sad lull. It’s a real problem. I’m back now with a fall preview like no other. I think another thing that keeps me inspired is cold weather. Ok, I am from Florida, so I cannot say no to a steamy beach, but there’s something about the cooler weather, and style of fall that just makes me want to jump for joy! So let’s get in the spirit of preparing our closets for the festive fall weather, (a few months early) just for fun! As you may know by now, Urban Outfitters and J. Crew are among my favorite places on earth. Here’s a look at what J. Crew presented for fall fashion preview…

What can we do with all of this enticing fall inspiration? Spring trends this year taught us to pour color over our entire wardrobe, and fall has something similar in store. For my favorite fall trend, color will be added.. but only in small doses. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see a guy in bright blue pants, and an equally glowy shirt for fall. It’s about darks, denim, and earthy tones. But this year, add those pops of color in your accessories. A nice colorful jacket over your dark sweater, a bright sock underneath a darker shoe, or a punchy scarf over layers. It’s all very easy, and personally, being a huge fan of the new sock craze, will give me a reason to load up on colorful fall figured socks! Whatever trend you decide to follow this fall, may the next 2 months flash before our eyes, and welcome us all to a brand new holiday season!

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J. Crew Clearance Store = Bliss

A few weeks ago  I heard the greatest news I have heard in a very long time.. Upon moving to North Carolina a few years ago, I was slightly disappointed in my shopping choices. That all changed upon googling J. Crew Asheville, NC. The words that appeared on the screen with a tiny red dot extremely close to my house “J. Crew Factory Clearance store”.. well.. they made my month. As you could imagine the next few steps of planning my attack and researching happened quite quickly. I decided to visit the store and crossed my fingers for good deals. What I got was better than I could possibly have imagined. A clearance store attached to a warehouse full of J. Crew goodness, with all the bells and whistles. I had expected a small bare room with a few crappy racks filled to the brim with old collections. What I got was so much more. A tiny slice of J. Crew heaven. A store roughly modeled after a true J. Crew retail store, with about half the inventory. But very fresh collections. After shopping around for an hour or so, trying on everything I picked up, I ended the trip with only 1 purchase, but a very exciting one! I left with a smile on my face, and plans to attend the August warehouse blowout sale. The associate did give me a fun bit of information before I left though. The store is replenished weekly, but she uttered the most exciting words, “we get a few new PALLETS a week”. Could you imagine? Unpacking pallets of J. Crew clearance merchandise? I think I would do a cannon ball right into the stack! Here’s the low-down!


The pricing is very simple,

Shorts $20-$30

Pants $20-$40

Shirts $10-$20

Blazers (yes, amazing blazers) $100-$120

Strategy: Go through the store and grab everything you think you like in your size, then head to the fitting rooms. This is a final sale clearance store, no returns, if it fits perfectly, get it. This is no time for “I’ll return it later if it doesn’t work”. You must swiftly make your decision, it could be gone before you can decide! With prices like this, you have to get something! They have all the accessories, ties, jewelry & bags that you could want to choose from, just go for it!

Ladies: You are much better off than the men in this store. The lady’s side of the store is much larger and you have much more to choose from, and even bigger savings. You would be crazy to visit the area without stopping!

All in all, I think I will become very familiar with this place, who wouldn’t!

My big purchase…

I made out with this $65.00 pair of Club Shorts for just $20… I can’t even take it!

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Camilo Rios: The Webster Miami


Photo: Courtesy of Camilo Rios

Here is an awesome interview from Fashion We Like.

Camilo Rios is the creative director of The Webster Miami Online. He began his fashion career as a photography assistant for Milan Vukmirovic, and he has also served as the creative director of Level Magazine. He is based in Miami.

Q: Are there any style combinations that you object to?

Crocs with anything.

Q: Please describe your style in three words.

Vintage, contemporary, and risky.

Q: What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

Not caring about your outfit and not paying attention to the details.

Q: Do you believe in role models?

Yes, without them people would have no inspiration.

Q: What are your favourite fabrics?

Denim and leather.

Q: Which city has the best-dressed men?

Milan takes the lead.

Q: Would you say that you are conservative or bold?


Q: What are the rules, if any, in the way you dress?

No rules, just pay attention to the details.

Q: One garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?

Shoes for sure.

Q: A man should always look like…

Ralph Lauren, he never goes out of style.

Q: Who taught you what you know about style?

I’m self-taught, unfortunately. It took long hours of looking at magazines and people in movies.

Q: How do you select your clothing every morning?

First shoes and then the rest.

Q: What is your biggest regret is.

None so far… I hope it stays like that.

Q: The three essential things a man should know about style are…

There are not three things, just one and that is confidence.

Q: Do you have any shopping rituals?

Those irresistible vintages finds in flea markets and junkyards.

Q: We will never see you wearing…


Q: The most stylish person you have ever seen…

Seen James Dean, met Milan Vukmirovic.

Q: What is the first thing you notice on a man?

How they co-ordinate their outfit.

Q: The one image that defined your approach to style…

Marlon Brando in “The Wild One.”

Q: Which new designers do you follow and why?

Massimo Piombo, he has created one of the most fascinating and enthralling Italian brands in recent memory. I admire designers that are not afraid of being risky.

Q: The only article of clothing that a man needs to pay close attention to is…

His shoes.

Q: What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

My accessories and bowties.

Q: Is comfort an enemy of style?

Not necessarily, it depends how you look at it. Style has many faces.

Q: Which designer never fails to impress you?

Maison Martin Margiela.

Q: Who would you like to see next in “My Style”?

Aaron Young.

Q: The best words of advice you have ever heard?

There are no shortcuts to success, only hard work.

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Jack’s steal of the week!

Here are The Trendiest deals that Jack has to offer this week!

Comune SULLIVAN Board Shorts

$32.99 Retail $62

S&P Casuals Star Tank

$12.99 Retail $24

Comune SULLIVAN Board Shorts

$32.99 Retail $62
With the joyous celebration weekend coming very soon, I can’t help but fall in love with Jack’s Americana themed shop. With price tags so hot I can’t see a better reason to prepare for a weekend of fireworks, bonfires, and boats a little early!


Jack is also offering a special deal on a trend shop for summer oxfords. With only 23 hours left to steal this 19.99 deal, you better act quick!