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A few things |from Pinterest| that make me whole

Since the grand introduction of Pinterestfinding inspiration in the form of photos and links is easier than ever. I decided to share a few of my favorite recent pins with you all, my awesome readers. If you haven’t stumbled across my ramblings by accident, you have come here to find something interesting and maybe even my opinion. I encourage you to follow my boards on pinterest.

Disclaimer: I only pin awesome stuff.. it’s true.. you won’t find any of my boards obnoxious or annoying like some of those other pinners. So if you’re in to being awesome, and I think you are, you’ll check it out for yourself!

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What I’m Wearing

This has been a pretty crazy week. I have been hired to produce a show at the high school I graduated from. With that comes lot’s of stress and time. The show is tonight and I am so excited for it to be over! Not much time to talk as I have to go make some finishing touches to the stage for tonight. Very excited to ride to North to my NC home for the weekend! I could really use a hike and a nice stream to relax by! I will say, yesterday, last night really was amazing! Got together with my friend shannon and ate some tacos, and had some delicious margaritas! My outfit worked out really well yesterday so photos were a must!

Shirt:Salt Valley button up/UO

Shorts: The Webster for Target Mango Berry Short

Shoes: Anchor Boat Shoe/UO

Ray Ban New Wayfarer