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Thirst in Style | S’well Bottle


A while back I discovered S’well Bottle while surfing my instagram feed. Like you are probably now, I wondered what in the world it was, and how I could get my hands on one! On the surface it looks like any ordinary bottle. Something you may pick up a Target in hopes to store your beverage in a stylish way, with low expectations on the actual quality or technology behind it. S’well Bottle is the exact opposite of that. This innovative bottle of the future is designed to keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12. Sounds impossible right? It’s not an empty promise.. S’well is insulated, with a double wall of the highest grade pure steel available. This grade of steel holds the temperature and also protects the bottle from any falls or accidents. It also rids any metallic taste you may find while consuming your beverage from aluminum bottles. 


While that would probably be enough for most people, S’well decided to bring a bit more to the table.. Style! As you take a look at the brand you’ll fall in love!  A website that draws you in and gets you involved, and sends you directly to tour the many incredible finishes and sizes available. From matte to stone, shiny, and even glitter. Then there’s my favorite, the wood collection. That’s right, wood! The S’well bottle is available in 3 sizes, from 9-25oz and all fit right in your cup holder. They even designed a bottle, the 250z that will fit a whole bottle of wine! Perfect for an evening in the park!


What does a bottle like this mean for the environment? It means a lot. Just using 1 of these bottles means we save 3,000 plastic ones from ending up in landfills, and cuts down on the over 60 Million that we use every day in the US. And in perfect S’well character, it means even more! The brand decided to make an even bigger difference by partnering with WaterAid to provide a portion of the proceeds to provide clean water around the world. Even further, they also decided to select a few more charities.. Keep A Child Alive, to aid families in Africa & India affected by HIV. American Forests who give back to the earth by planting 1 tree for every bottle in the wood collection sold, and Drink Up which provides healthy alternatives and awareness right here in America!


These high fashion bottles are sure to become a trending accessory this year.. just take a look for yourself! Already the bottle has been featured at big hollywood events and has been a fun part of staple fashion showcases. Proving further that S’well is part of the fashion world, you can pick up a bottle at J.Crew, Nordstrom and even select local fashion boutiques! 

S’well bottles are priced between $20-$45 depending on the size and finish you choose.

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I’m so excited to pick up one for myself soon! You should too!

Interactive review to follow!

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All images used in this post were taken directly from the S’well Bottle website or social media. The Trendy Photographer takes no ownership of these photos.


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A few things |from Pinterest| that make me whole

Since the grand introduction of Pinterestfinding inspiration in the form of photos and links is easier than ever. I decided to share a few of my favorite recent pins with you all, my awesome readers. If you haven’t stumbled across my ramblings by accident, you have come here to find something interesting and maybe even my opinion. I encourage you to follow my boards on pinterest.

Disclaimer: I only pin awesome stuff.. it’s true.. you won’t find any of my boards obnoxious or annoying like some of those other pinners. So if you’re in to being awesome, and I think you are, you’ll check it out for yourself!

Visit TheTrendyPhotog on Pinterest








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Do America Proud:Memorial Day Style

On this day across our beautiful country, we celebrate all of the wonderful things we stand for. We stand tall to remember those heroes who have fought for us, our fathers who paved the way, and those who have fallen so that we may rise. A sure sign that it’s memorial day weekend is a boat and a bbq. That’s right, America quietly gave us an unannounced tradition of spending this holiday weekend with a bit of fun in the sun. Whether your on a boat.. in a pool.. or standing around a campfire, don’t piss our dapper four fathers off by looking less than on par! Go for it. Here’s my picks for the party! Enjoy!

Thanks to Gentlemen Square for the awesome styles!

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What I’m Wearing

This has been a pretty crazy week. I have been hired to produce a show at the high school I graduated from. With that comes lot’s of stress and time. The show is tonight and I am so excited for it to be over! Not much time to talk as I have to go make some finishing touches to the stage for tonight. Very excited to ride to North to my NC home for the weekend! I could really use a hike and a nice stream to relax by! I will say, yesterday, last night really was amazing! Got together with my friend shannon and ate some tacos, and had some delicious margaritas! My outfit worked out really well yesterday so photos were a must!

Shirt:Salt Valley button up/UO

Shorts: The Webster for Target Mango Berry Short

Shoes: Anchor Boat Shoe/UO

Ray Ban New Wayfarer

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A glimpse: The year of the pattern

Holy Blog Love. Karina Manarin is a cool girl with an extremely unique taste. Her blog entices your senses into a divine bliss that is unstoppable. Karina is not only an extremely talented textile designer, she puts her patterns on one of a kind clothes! Check out this Indian inspired arrow tee… (to be hanging in my closet ASAP)

And that’s just the beginning. Karina has been doing a series of posts on the blog following how the perfect pattern is taking 2012 by storm. Please, don’t just take my word for it. Visit her blog and let yourself fall in to the awesome! Here’s just a few of my favorites!

Also, don’t forget to check out Karina’s shop on Etsy! Jewelry, Shirts, Totes, & more. LOVE! 


Sun Child

As you all know, besides my love for fashion and design, my first love is photography. I haven’t mentioned much about my photography business on this trendy blog so I will take this chance to tell you a bit. When I was in high school a very special photography teacher, Mr. Albertson, taught me the in’s and out’s of the craft and ignited a passion inside me that I had always known existed. I owe my attention to detail and ability to see the talent I have to him. 9 years later, I have a successful photography business, and an extreme passion for fashion photography. Obviously from this blog you can tell that I love all things fashion.. but it takes more than good clothes to make a good photo. I am so excited that everyday I learn something new, and continue to grow in this talent. Visit my website,, or my facebook page to see more of my portfolio! Maybe someday I will live a charmed creative life in New york, for now though, I am enjoying shooting weddings, fashion photography, and more! I hope you enjoy these photos of my friend and muse Shannon, of Intricately Disheveled! It’s so nice to have a friend that is on the same creative level as I, and who can see the vision in my head! Enjoy!